Friday, February 21, 2014

Linen closet

One of the most interesting things about this whole decluttering process is how my husband has jumped on the bandwagon. So this weekend, while I set out to finish the hall linen closet (having issues with the top shelf), he cleaned out his dresser. One of his fabulous finds was that he had several old pairs of glasses. Now, he is very much in need of his glasses, and I would be hard pressed to go without mine, so we do have spare pairs and we need them. In fact, I know my husband has a pair at work too. But what we found was quite crazy. He looked at me and said, "I have 5 extra pairs of glasses!" I said--I bet I have more. And I did. I had 7! After we had a good laugh, we sorted through and each picked the most current prescription to keep, and made a pile of glasses to donate the next time we go to the eye dr. (in about 3 weeks). I kept back an older pair that was pretty much destroyed, but had been my hip quirky glasses. They aren't usable as frames anyway--I wore them OUT. Here is what our pile looked like:

But back to the linen closet.
Before I started it looked like this:

Pretty crowded, and pretty messy. Honestly I thought this would be a slam dunk. I seriously thought I'd take a shelf a day and in three days I'd have something gorgeous to show you. Not so. The first few days were easy. I got rid of a ton of old bath stuff, lotions, bubble baths and hair sprays! And then, I hit a wall.

I have in this cabinet two full cans of Pledge. I don't use Pledge anymore because of how waxy it leaves things. But as I said before, I can't donate them, and I can't pitch them. Then I stared at the top shelf which I was sure was filled with pillowcases. Not just any old pillowcases, but grandma made pillow cases. Why my two children needed 40 pillowcases made by their grandma is beyond me, but I know all parties had a blast picking out fabrics and making cases. And I dreaded going through them.

But I did. I discovered that there was a set of sheets that I could be using for the children. And I discovered several "half" sets, where I was missing the fitted or the top sheet. And so, I donated those. I still feel like I could probably get rid of more things in this closet, but I'm going to call it finished.

In the middle of this big project (again, at least 2 items every day), I decided to tackle a drawer in the bathroom. Well, my drawer in the bathroom. I lamented on twitter that I have two curling irons and I never curl my hair. I'm working on that. I will get rid of one, i promise--I need to try them both out though. It took me about 20 minutes total and I went from this:before to this:after

The biggest compliment I've gotten from my husband is this, he likes the de-cluttering I did in the "junk" drawer, where we keep the phone chargers. He can get his phone charged without fighting with the drawer! I'd call that a win for this experiment and encouragement to keep going.

You can always play along at home--declutter your own house or apartment 2 items at a time, and comment here or tweet me about it.

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