Friday, November 14, 2014


I made a trip to my donation center today. And I thought to take some before and after pics. So here is before: before

And her eis after--although I was lazy and did the top of the stairs.

You might notice that there are some things left behind, mainly a small red box and a framed poster of butterflies. First, I didn't designate the poster as a donation--although I should. But I bought it to decorate the nursery for my girls, and even though it fell off the wall when they were babies and woke everyone up--I still love it. The red box on the other hand...

You see the red box holds a Christmas present I got. And no not one from last year or last decade--one I got THIS year. Yes, it is not even Thanksgiving or December or anything. And guess what--I feel bad that I don't want it.

You see gifts are a hard one for me. I grew up in a family that really really treasured gifts. Gifts were very important. My mom is still very much a gift person and giving gifts must be her love language.
And don't get me wrong--I like gifts. I just like gifts I can actually use. Maybe gifts I can use up. Like food, chocolate, restaurant gift cards, coffee gift cards, heck actual coffee. What I don't like are gifts I don't need, gifts that will sit and take up space and gather dust. And while I'm sure normal people have no problem re-gifting or donating (or returning) stuff like that--I do. Well not so much returning, because then I can get stuff I can use. But honestly there is this ingrained THING in me that says--Hey you got me a gift and I should appreciate the gift because I appreciate you.

So the red box. It has a Christmas mug in it. It wasn't a mug full of anything like chocolate or a gift card. Just a mug. And I have actually gotten rid of a bunch of mugs. In fact, I have 3 mugs I should get rid of but can't because they each commemorate something. Well maybe just two--am thinking maybe I don't care about a former workplace's forced exercise event. So why did I not take this mug off to donation--even though it was sitting RIGHT there? Well first--someone GAVE this to me. They think I need this or at least they wanted me to have this. )Although the reality is probably more like--OOH holiday mugs are on SALE!) And, well..... you see I was thinking of re-gifting.

What if I put a coffee gift card in it, maybe some chocolate and gave it to a teacher? And see I could not for the life of me decide if this is a good idea or not. Wouldn't I just be giving someone else yet another mug that they would struggle with? Or would it be appreciated because of the coffee and chocolate? So here is what I decided--if it is still in the donation pile after Christmas--it goes. If it seems like a good idea when I am doing teacher gifts--it becomes a vessel for a gift.

So how about you? What does a gift mean? Could you easily give away a gift someone gave you --even if you could not use it and in fact had too many? Comment--or send me a tweet @Todaystwo.

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