Tuesday, February 17, 2015

linen emergency

This year has been a little tougher on me to easily find the things I want to de-clutter. Last year, I opened closet and things fell out. Usually THOSE were the things I wanted to keep, but it was easy to find things that I didn't need anymore. This year, I find I'm having to go through the things I decided to keep, which always makes for a tougher decision making process. As a consequence, I've had more "zero" days (days were I don't get rid of anything) than last year.

Case in point. Last year (almost exactly wow), I tackled the linen closet. Here is what it looked like:after
Do you see that top shelf? Well, I kept 2 top sheets for our bed (even though I didn't have a fitted to match) and another set of sheets (green, and apparently underneath something in that picture) that I didn't like but it fit our bed. Well this weekend, we had kind of a linen emergency. As in, someone managed to tear a huge rip in the fitted sheet on out bed. This I guess is the problem with having one sheet set for your bed, It wears out quicker. Anyway, in trying to find something that would work, we resorted to the green sheets I hate so much. And... I still hate them. I am glad I kept them though because they work better than trying to use a flat sheet for the fitted. I'll be replacing the sheet I liked that ripped, and looking to do it so I don't have to buy a whole set and thus getting stuck with another set of pillowcases and another flat sheet.

It did get me thinking though--why on earth did I keep both of those flat sheets? Wouldn't one be plenty? So into the donation box it went. As I was digging around I also spied 3 pillowcases that will never be used and tossed those in too.

I also found a few odds and ends that must have gotten missed the first time around because I don't know why I would have kept them. And I still feel like I should get rid of the vaporizer and the large plastic containers in the back. But I'm still keeping them.

Maybe this is why I had so much clutter to start with--it is this never ending battle.

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